• The minimum age of admission to Lower Nursery is 3 and half years as on the 31st March of the year of admission to school. The age for the higher classes will be computed correspondingly.
  • Admission to class UN onwards is open to boys and girls on the basis of merit and availability of seats.
  • Absence on the appointed date of admission test and interview will mean that the candidate forfeits his or her right to admission.
  • The school reserves the right to admit or reject any student without assigning any reason thereof. The Decision of the principal will be binding and final.
  • The enrolment form and other necessary papers must be filled in with due care by the parent/guardian. The name and date of birth of the student once recorded in the enrolment form and School Admission Register cannot be changed later. An undertaking to this affect will have to be signed with the enrolment form.
  • Parents and guardians desiring admission for their wards into Lower Nursery should obtain the prospectus from the school campus at Satyabhamapur or from the office of B.J.E.M. School, on payment of Rs.500/- on all working days. The admission to all classes will be done on first come first serve basis. The date & place of sale of text books will be intimated later.
  • The School shall follow a system of random selection for Lower Nursery Admission out of the application received from Children belonging to disadvantaged groups and weaker sections for filling the pre-determined number of seats which should be not less than 25% of the strength of the class. 15% of seats shall be filled up by the child belonging to disadvantaged groups [BPL Card Holders, SC/ST, SEBC and children who are found without any home or any settled place or abode and without any ostensible means of subsistance or a child who is found begging or who is either a street child or a working child]. The rest 10% of seats shall be filled up by children of any of the above two categories, there shall be interchange of seats.

For admission of the remaining 75% of the seats will be done on random basis. There shall be no test and interviews for any child/parent falling within or outside the categories.

Mode Of Payment

All the fees will be accepted at the fee counter of Punjab National Bank, BJEMS II, Satyabhamapur.

All the fees are to be paid in cash only. All the tuition fees can be paid on or before 15th of the month without fine.
The defaulters will be charged a find of Rs. 5/- after 15th till the end of the month. They will be charged Rs. 10/- if the school fees are paid within the next month and Rs. 15/-, if paid within two months (see example below) :
April 1st to 15th No fine
April 16th to 30th Rs. 10/- (fine)
May (whole month) Rs. 20/- (fine)
June (whole month) Rs. 30/- (fine)

July to September Rs. 1000/- (fine)

After 6 monts the defaulters shall have to pay a fine of Rs.2000/- from 1st October and all the arrears due till 31st March (end of Session).  Names of defaulters thereafter shall be struck off the rolls.

  • Tuition fees & Bus fees for the months of February and March shall, however, be paid by 15th February, failing which, the names of the defaulters shall be struck off the rolls.
  • If the name of a student is struck off the rolls for any reason, he/she shall be readmitted only once.
  • Fee Card must be produced at the counter for monthly payment.
  • Please ensure that the necessary entries are duly filled in the Fee Card by at the person concerned at the School counter after every payment.
  • Duplicate Fee Card will be issued on payment of Rs. 30/-.
  • Read the rules and guidelines printed on the Fee Card.

Fee Card

  • Fee card must be produced at the counter for every payment. Please ensure that the necessary entries are duly filled in the fee card after every payment.
  • Duplicate fee card can be issued (if lost) on payment of Rs.30/-.
  • Read the rules and guidelines printed on the fee card.


  • The principal reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal of any student who has proved immune to correction.
  • Request for withdrawal of a pupil must be made in writing by his/her parents accompanied by a remittance of requisite fees for the issue of the School Leaving Certificate
  • All the dues have to be cleared before a School Leaving Certificate is issued. No question of refund of any dues of a child will arise at the time of withdrawal after getting admission into any class.
  • The students shall be suspended or expelled from the school on the following ground.
    a) Indiscipline
    b) Non payment of dues.
    c) At any time, if the authorities are satisfied that such withdrawal is necessary in the interest of the school.
    d) The name of the student will be struck off the rolls after continuous absence for ten days without information. He/she may be readmitted as per rules and the discretion of the Principal. Students are required to secure 75% of the total attendance during a session to be eligible to appear in their final examination.
    e) The decision of the Principal shall be final and abiding in this regard.