A  home, away from home, for us and our pupils, is our BJEMS-II. Here at BJEMS-II, we ensure that children enjoy times away from home. Childhood is precious.

Need we say, children be given right direction to aspire through education proper?

Bring up a child in the ways of honesty and uprightness, and the probability is that the child will grow up into an honest and upright man.

As million says : A childhood shows the man as morning shows the day.

The future man is there in every child.  The early training of a child is, therefore, a matter of supreme importance and in this case following the profound truth we intend to provide the best upbringing to our pupils.  Our motto “Let learning be a joy and teaching a pleasure” is what we all strive for.

Our one and only objective is with every single child, without being selective, we infuse early, a sense of discipline to promote with each passing day a spirit of enquiry.

The Rudiments of knowledge shape the child here, for a better future, to redefine themselves in a positive way, to prepare themselves for greater national and international hubs in future, We nurture our students in the most innovative ways by providing them various opportunities to take out “THE ONE” in them, and to make themselves “THE FIRST” and not a second in millions.