ATL INAUGURATION was followed by Atl community learning where students from 10 different schools have participated in the community learning.
In the  valedictory ceremony Dr. Pothula Srinivasa Brahmanand 
Guinness World Record Holder (twice) and principal scientist ICAR- INDIAN INSTITUTE OF WATER MANAGEMENT BHUBANESWAR was the Chief Guest 
Dr. Aneeya Kumar Samantara ,post doctorate fellow, school of Chemical Science, National Institute of Science Education and Research was the Guest of Honour.
Students were trained about various types of projects and have developed them in the ATL lab. 
The developed projects were evaluated by our Chief Guest and Guest of Honour and was declared as winner and runner's up.
Street light management and wireless notice Board was declared as First
Smart irrigation and crop management was declared as Second 
Smart hand sanitizer with auto-handled dustbin was declared as Third