Academic Environment

We believe that :

  • The child is the pivot of all our programs, policies and learning process in the class room. We affirm the individuality, personality and identity of every child. There is no place for any kind of corporal punishment. The teacher is a friend, philosopher and guide who holds the hand of the child to guide him/her on the path of growth towards a bright future.
  • The school endeavors to inculcate in each child the pride of being an Indian and love for the rich cultural heritage of India. Our aim is to inspire our children to respect the national traditions, values and ideals.
  • Every child can develop fully only if he/she is proficient in his/her mother tongue. Though the medium of instruction is English, the mother tongue of the child is given ample importance, to enable him/her to understand and appreciate the ethnic culture.
  • All efforts are made to maintain transparency in the school administration. A strong and active M.C. parents and our alumni strengthen the hands of the authorities in motivating and inspiring the staff and students alike.
  • The teaching staff have academic freedom to function effectively. Regular in-service teacher training program orient the staff with the updated techniques in the field of education.

Academic Program

Our infrastructure, facilities provided to the students and staff is constantly upgraded. Our aim is not only to impart bookish knowledge to qualify in a test, we always endeavors to instill in our students the skill to internalize the knowledge gained in the classroom so as to face life with courage and determination, excel in future studies and thereby land in a brilliant career. Moral education and constant counseling makes the child a fine personality with good character.

During the two year of pre-schooling a child learns everything about his/her own self and the surrounding. Every movement, behavior, attitudinal concepts of the child is fine tuned.

Recommended by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India and under the CBSE guidelines the School has introduced Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system for its students from Std. - I onwards which will lead to diagnose, remediation and enhancement of learning.

The system with two fold objectives like ‘Continuous’ i.e. for continuity in evaluation and assessment of board based learning and behavioral outcomes emphasizes evaluation of identified aspects of students, built into the total teaching-learning process spread over the entire span of academic session in one hand and ‘Comprehensive’ to cover both the scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of students growth and development including Life skills, Attitude and Values, Literary Creative and Scientific skills, Aesthetic and Performance, Arts Clubs, Physical and Health Education and Games in the other.

Audio Visual Aids

The school has an Audio Room and a slide projector, an overhead projector, tape recorder, colour television, DVD, computers with multimedia and internet facilities etc. to enhance the effectiveness of teaching learning process.

Computer Center

The introduction of computer in school has become an integral part of education. Our computer lab has adequate number of computers with internet facilities. Computer courses are imparted to students from Std. IV onwards as a part of SUPW program of CBSE Syllabus.


Our school has a well stocked library, staffed adequately to keep the library in good order, and to guide the students during their library periods to make best use of the library and the books. the stock is constantly expanded and updated to provide meaningful reference material to students and teachers. All have access to the library, which follows the Dewey system of classification. There is a special section ‘oversight book’ for the use of students.

This section comtains supplementary reading materials like parallel text books, reference books, maps and examination papers of previous years. There is a special section for teachers. There is also a video Film Library of informative and educational films, catering to the needs of different age groups.


The school has a well equipped Composite Since Laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Infrastructure for making of separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are been developed. Besides it has a Mathematics Laboratory and a Computer Laboratory.